Some people are embrace their body hair, but for those of us out there that just want rid of those pesky hairs, should we shave or wax, and what wax do we use?

For years I used to be the person who thought that I could get just as much out of shaving as I could waxing, and being a stubborn person, I just got on with things with a razor – the way that I knew how, but it grows so fast and I haven’t looked back since being a wax converter.

So what wax shall I use?

Soft wax, aka strip wax, was always a no for me because I have such sensitive skin that I would still be left with the same red lumps after waxing as I would shaving (It’s amazing for my legs but not underarms or face). Not to mention the fact that I am extremely sensitive to pain! I was also sick of having to grow the hair down to the ground just to make sure every tiny hair was picked up.

For me Lycon Wax was the turnaround. The first thing that I noticed was that it was the least painful wax I had ever had – and like I said, I am not good with pain! Not only was the waxing process comfortable, but also my skin didn’t come up in the usual red bumps after waxing. 

Two weeks post Lycon, I thought about booking another appointment, as this is usually when I would need another. But I couldn’t believe that the hairs hadn’t fully grown through yet, because Lycon picks up shorter hairs and so lasts much longer – bonus!

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