Hair Removal

Love the thought of not having to shave for up to 5 weeks? Waxing might just be your new favourite treatment. Waxing has been around since 60 B.C. It is recorded that they started removing hair via a process called sugaring, it has come a long way since then. For intimate waxing we use Lycon Wax which is one of the UK’s best wax treatments and is often said to be the least painful.

Strip Waxing

A deliciously smooth wax with a super thin application, providing excellent results.

Eyebrows  £13.00

Top Lip  £12.50

Chin  £12.50

Lip & Chin  £20.00

Facial – sides of face  £17.00

Full Facial – lip, chin, face & eyebrows  £38.00

Underarms  £15.00

Arms  £26.50

Half Leg  £26.50

Full Leg  £39.00

Back  £27.50

Chest  £27.50


Lycon Hot Wax

Lyon Wax is made up the finest natural resins such as beeswax and essential aromatherapy oils, delivering superior results and comfortably removing stubborn shorter hairs.

Eyebrows  £15.00

Top Lip  £13.50

Chin  £13.50

Lip & Chin  £22.00

Nasal  £14.00

Facial – sides of face  £17.50

Full Facial – lip, chin, face & eyebrows  £45.00

Underarms £17.00

Bikini Line  £17.50

High Bikini Line  £19.50

Brazilian  £39.00

Hollywood  £39.00


Threading is an ancient way to remove hair originating from the Far East. The technique uses a strand of knotted cotton thread to grab hairs and pull them out – like a very fast and efficient version of tweezing that’s most often used for eyebrows and other facial areas.

Eyebrows  £15.00

Top Lip  £14.50

Chin  £14.50

Lip & Chin £23.00

Facial – sides of face  £17.50

Full Facial – lip, chin, face & eyebrows  £43.00

You can book your appointment online where you can select your treatment, choose your therapist and the time that suits you for the treatment. If you prefer you can also call the salon on 01206 383432 or email
Please allow us 48 hours notice should you need to cancel or amend your appointment so that we have the chance to refill your slot. We regret to inform you that any notice given less than 48 hours will be charged the following:
  • 48 hours or less, 25% of the treatment cost
  • 24 hours or less, 50% of the treatment cost 
  • No show, 100% of the treatment cost.
We thank you so much for your understanding and co-operation.
Gift Vouchers
The perfect gift for a stressed-out mum, a hard to buy for relative or just because you want to treat someone you care for. Karma Beauty gift vouchers are available for an amount or a treatment. Take a look hereIf you would like some advice, please call us or come and see us in the Salon, where we are always happy to help.