What Karma has achieved over the last 10 years was once just a dream 🥲

‘Without 10 years of support from regular clients and incredible staff we wouldn’t be where we are today, I am extremely thankful for every single one of you’- Stephanie Farthing.

As some of you might not know Karma has been on one hell of a journey these past 10 years, 2 salon moves, an extension, 11 months of covid closures, lots of karma babies, the most incredible members of staff and hundreds of regular and extremely supportive clients.

So let’s go back to where Karma all began… it was 2012.

Steph took a gap year from university to reset and learn in the industry of social work with the aim of going back to uni and continuing her degree. But of course, in typical Steph fashion, that just wasn’t enough! She decided to add something else to her list of knowledge, which is where she started a level two beauty course. The aim was to earn a little bit of money as a self employed beautician whilst completing uni. Well, it only took until day 3 of this beauty course that she quit uni and the rest is history!!

People always say when you find the right person you just know, for Steph, this was the work version!

It became very apparent that Steph was born to be a beautician. Before completing the beauty course she was already building her client base by practising on her friends and family most evenings.

Steph’s mum and dad saw her passion and determination she was giving to this new venture and decided to convert their garage into a beauty studio for her. She then went on to do her level 3 beauty whilst still working all the hours to gain clients and build her business.

Some of these original clientele still come to the salon, even now!

It was soon apparent that after about a year Stephs growing client base meant she needed a bigger premises and some more staff to help! That’s when 5 Queens Corner renovation and opening began!

Fast forward 3 years and with clientele continuing to grow, Steph and the girls needed a bigger space as they had already outgrown Queens corner. That’s when Steph drove past 6 Barfield road and noticed some boxes, as if the shop was being packed away. Could it be!?

Steph already had the number of the landlord just in case one day it became empty and with being able to see the potential of this grotty little shop, she gave him a call!

Originally she only took on 1/2 the shop and again within a few months it became extremely apparent that they would need even more space!! 10 months in and the second 1/2 of the shop was put up for rent, so the renovation began and by the end of 2019, Karma Beauty had expanded to the size we know it as today.

Sadly after only a short 5 months covid struck and the first lockdown began, but we’re not here to dwell on the negatives as we made it through better than ever.

Which brings us to today, a thriving salon with amazing clients. And what was once only a dream for Steph is now a reality – 10 members of staff!

We honestly cannot thank everyone enough for continuing to support us, we strive to be offer outstanding treatments with high quality products that offer incredible results time after time.

And we aren’t stopping there! Here’s to the next 10 years, I wonder what we can achieve in that time?

All our love the Karma Girls x