Quartz Spa Happiness Pure Blend Oil


Our pure blend essential oil brings happiness to your oil burners, bath times, pillows and body creams. When you need a little happiness for the mind, body and spirit, this jubilant chorus of nature’s zestiest ingredients is your secret supply of sunshine in a bottle.
Happiness Blend Key Ingredients
• Grapefruit – Zesty, clarifying freshness; used to combat depression and renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.
• Sweet Orange – Joyous, uplifting aroma with tremendous skin brightening properties.
• Geranium – Renowned for its calming qualities and ability to balance hormones and improve circulation.
• Sandalwood – Sweet, woody and earthly; Carminative and Cicatrisant properties make it a fantastic weight loss and cholesterol reducing aid.
• Lemon – Fresh, zesty and adored for its versatility; offers powerful antibacterial properties and a fantastic boost for the immune system.