My business that I have poured my heart and soul into for the last 7 years still sitting empty and untouched.

The salon is usually filled with laughter, warmth, happiness, good vibes and of course my gorgeous members of staff too, instead, it’s quiet and cold.

Products left unopened, unused.
Wax unmelted.
Beds left stripped and empty.
One positive, I’ve managed to get to the bottom of washing all the towels for the first time since the summer!

Karma is my baby, and you wouldn’t leave your baby for longer than a short weekend away, my baby’s been left unloved by its favourite humans (our clients) for 26 weeks in the last year – yes I know a WHOLE 6 MONTHS, we have been closed more than open in the last year!

Heartbreaking right?

I have always thought that Karma Beauty is beautiful, beautifully decorated, accessorised and filled with love joy and happiness. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been popping into the salon for click and collect orders, gift vouchers, pamper packs and catching up with admin and being there alone has made me realise that aesthetically yes it’s beautiful, but without the love joy and happiness that our clients bring it’s just four walls, the clients are who make it special and we cannot wait to have you all back!

We certainly didn’t come this far to only come this far… everyday I am working on something to make us a better business when we reopen, to be the best salon, to be welcoming, accommodating, to be the best us so we can bring out the best you!

It will NOT be long before we reopen
It will NOT be long before you’re all flooding through the doors again
It will NOT be long before the till is pinging, the phone is ringing non stop, and we are back doing what we love once again.

Trust me we are so ready to get back to work now!