Coming soon to Karma Beauty….


Not sure what it is?

Lycon wax is a form of hot wax that, thanks to its low temperature, it provides a more comfortable treatment with 50% less sensation and removes stubborn shorter hairs like no other – amazing for those intimate areas ladies!

What is it made from?

Lycon Wax is made up the finest natural resins such as beeswax and essential aromatherapy oils, delivering superior results.

What are the benefits over ordinary wax?

– Removes hairs as short as 1mm
– Offers longer lasting results by removing hair from the root
– Removes hair virtually pain free
– Strongest wax on the market
– 100% hygienic

As of 20th February both Jess and Steph will be training in this revolutionary wax, so to book your appointment now to avoid disappointment.