Hi, Just wanted to send out an email to everyone on our mailing list to say we are thinking of you, it’s a very weird, surreal time we are all living in at the moment and would hate for any of your to feel alone during isolation – have a little read below on the things that we have been doing that you may like to join in with.

Over on our social media we have been sharing ’take over days’ each day a different Karma team member has been taking over our social media stories, so you can learn a little bit about them, their loves and what they have been up to during isolation – lots of baking! If you would like to follow us its @karmabeautymersea if you haven’t got social media but would like to be kept updated daily give me an email back and I will email you the girls posts each afternoon.

We have also been putting our brains together on a couple of things to add to the salon in the near future. For example new treatments and loyalty schemes – is there something that you wish we done at Karma Beauty that we now have the time to put into action?

Lastly we have been making sure we stay in touch, keeping in touch at times like this not only helps with keeping smiling but also our mental health, we would hate for anyone to feel alone – if you would like to speak to us at any time Steph has the work mobile at home with her, please just call for chat – 07817589493.

I have been going for a daily walks around 4pm with Winston and Thomas, if you need anything at all please ask, I can drop some essentials from the shop to your doorstep on my way past, if there’s anything at all we can do to help, then we will.

Stay positive.