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Gift Voucher Extensions

We know that many of you have vouchers that expired during lockdown, so to help out we have extended these vouchers until 30th November.Should anyone require any further extension due to shielding, please message us.

Marmalade of London providing the best smells

To check out our collection and discover your favourite, pop in store or visit our website: www.karmaboutique.co.uk

Father’s Day treat ideas

All Seascape products are free from parabens, silicones, SLS, petroleum, artificial colours and artificial fragrances. All products are suitable for vegetarians. Seascape is against animal testing and no animal testing is conducted on any ingredients or products.

The best foods for you skin, and why!

I am often put off by these articles, simply because after reading, most of the ingredients listed are nowhere to be found in my everyday supermarket. So, I have made sure that each and every one of these vitamins and minerals can be located super easily!

Beauty Myths

I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of my time in quarantine reading. I love it! It passes the time and allows me to refresh my memory in the industry I love, beauty. However, the more and more I read, the more I realised that some of these “facts”, were actually a load of rubbish!

At-home pamper kits!

During the first couple of weeks of isolation, I was thinking of things that I could purchase  to create some packages for you to have a little bit of Karma Beauty at home. Gradually over the next week I managed to get my hands on essentials and my first lot of pamper packages were made.

Karma Boutique will be back soon

Online boutique is coming backkkk 💖 www.karmaboutique.co.uk - add your email for a notice as soon as we relaunch! You may have seen over on our Instagram last night that our online boutique will be back soon, I’ve been spending lots of time uploading all the products...

Keeping in touch…

On our social media we have been sharing ’take over days’ each day a different Karma team member has been taking over our social media, so you can learn a little bit about them, their loves and what they have been up to during isolation. If you would like to follow us its @karmabeautymersea

The perfect job to do during quarantine!

If we’ve learnt anything so far from Covid-19, it’s how we look after ourselves better. Have you ever stopped to think how much bacteria is hidden away in your make-up brushes? What could be hidden in your brushes and what to do about it!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we know that, given how the world is at the moment, you may not have had enough time to make arrangements! Well, that’s where Karma Beauty is here to save your day with out beauty offers!

It’s Spray Tan Season and we want to make sure your tan lasts as long as possible, and (apart from our tanning skill) it’s all about the prep. This amazing product gently exfoliates and ensures skin feels silky smooth, refreshed and ready to tan. 

Fun Fact: Also used to make sure tan fades evenly