Eyebrows – the art of the arch

Step 1: Identify your arch
We start things off with Brow Mapping. This helps to determine the shape of your arch. Using a brush/pencil, you can line up your face to determine the start, the arch and the end of the brow. This is a completely personalised approach to framing the face because it brings balance and proportion to the eyes. Don’t worry if yours looks different to a friends, everyone is different.

Step 2: Customise your brow shape before waxing/shaping 
Once you identify the points, you can outline the shape of the brow that would flatter your features the best. This will help you understand what will need to be waxed off and what will be left behind.

Step 3: Prep for the wax by cleaning and trimming the brow
Once you have decided on a shape, it’s time to clean and prep the face for waxing. Trimming away the brow hairs that are too long.

Step 4: Time to wax

Step 5: Your look is complete 
After brow mapping and waxing, brows are more defined, bringing balance and proportion to the face. To complete your look you can apply product to the brows to enhance them.