Detox Body – The Detox Body is the ultimate body cleanse that helps to smooth and tighten problem areas to reduce cellulite and lymph. The Forme-Actif products have powerful cell active technology that creates an intensive anti ageing treatment with instant visible results.

La Bio ‘Signature Treatment’ – The Essence of Luxury and Care – Using all elements of La Biosthetique, The Signature Treatment is an exclusive pampering routine that focuses on the whole body and is specially customised to your skin type. This multi-phase massage incorporates acupressure, shiatsu massage techniques and lymphatic drainage to induce deep and regenerative relaxation.

Eye Zone Treatment – Our Eye Zone treatment focuses on the eye area, targeting any fine lines and wrinkle, with the use of our amazing pro collagen eye mask. Followed by our famous ‘Anti-Rides’ cream and a relaxing head and scalp massage.

La Bougie De Massage – This massage uses Shea butter, vitamin E, omega 6, coconut oil and beeswax. These oils are blended into a candle and melted down into a gentle oil like texture and used to create a flowing, gentle full body massage. Leaving the properties from the candle to soak into the skin to nourish the skin and remove any anti oxidants from the body and skin.

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