Autumn has arrived

It’s always hard saying goodbye to summer but we welcome those cosy nights and hot chocolates by the fire with open arms after this crazy year!

It’s not just our body that is feeling the temperature change, but our skin as well. The cold weather brings dry air that draws moisture away from your skin – made worse by the artificial heating we put on indoors. A lack of moisture strips away natural oils and leaves your skin feeling rough, cracked and flaky. BUT, don’t panic, here are my top 5 (budget friendly) life-saving products…

Patch Gel Liftant Pads

What are they? These revolutionary eye pads use collagen and natural marine algae extracts to pump moisture in to the skin.


  • Protects sensitive cells of the eye area
  • Supports the formation of new cells
  • Delays ageing process
  • Delays the worsening of existing wrinkles
  • Moisturises and rehydrates the skin

Price: £6.50 per sachet or 10 for £57.50

Mousse Nettoyante

What is it? This fabulous cleansing mousse gently remove make-up, dirt and excess sebum from the skin whilst supplying extra moisturiser.


  • Maintains the skin’s natural balance
  • Rice protein based – an incredible natural and gentle moisturiser
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Encourages cells to renew and repair
  • Epidermis (skin’s first layer) is firmed, protected against the elements and stress

Price: £32.50 for 150ml

Peeling Enzymatique

What is it? An exfoliating mini-mask that should be used after cleansing


  • Revitalises the skin and freshens up it’s complexion
  • Plumps the skin
  • Provides an extra boost of radiate moisture
  • Protects the skin against moisture loss using marine algae
  • Reduces skin tightness

Price: £24.00 for 75ml

Masque Hydro-Sensitif

What is it? It’s only the best 2 in 1 product you’ve ever known! This is a moisturiser and skin soothing all in one.


  • Rebuilds the damaged skin barrier and strengthens the skin with essential fatty acids
  • Reduces inflammation and calms the skin (relieving itchiness)!
  • Red algae extracts combined with plankton extract supply the skin with moisture and restructure the cells.
  • Skin pore size is reduces leaving your skin looking radiant and fresh

Price: £32.50 for 75ml

Douceur Sensitive Riche

What is it? An amazing extra intensive care moisturiser for sensitive or very dry skin


  • Helps to combat the cause of sensitive skin and the impaired skin barrier layer
  • Moisture is bound in the skin
  • Relieves the skin of sensitive areas and irritation, providing a long-lasting care sensation
  • The skin looks youthfully relaxed again and dry skin is combated (yes)!!
  • Vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences

Price: £40.50 for 50ml (a little really does go along way with this product)

So, there you have it, my top 5 ultimate favourite products that will leave your skin with that summer glow all through the cooler months!

I am always available on reception to help with any questions you may have about skincare and to help you choose what is right for you. Or, book in for a facial with our skin experts who will be able to analyse your skin, troubleshot your current skin care regime and provide advice on skin care products that are the perfect match for your skin.