Hello lovely people,

During the first couple of weeks of isolation, I was thinking of things that I could purchase  to create some packages for you to have a little bit of Karma Beauty at home. To begin with I struggled to get stock from my wholesalers but gradually over the next week I managed to get my hands on essentials and my first lot of pamper packages were made.

After only advertising on instagram an hour later I had sold out!! I kept a reservation list for those interested and my next lot of packages had sold out before my deliveries had even arrived.

So now I’m working on my third lot!!

There are 3 to choose from:

Manicure pamper package which includes:
Hand soak, hand scrub, hand mask, massage cream, 3 way buffer, nail file, cuticle oil and nail hardener.

Pedicure pamper package which includes:
Foot soak, foot scrub, moisturising booties, massage cream, 3 way buffer, nail file and a Mr pumis for your heels.

Facial pamper package, choose from sensitive, anti aging or clarifying range, all include:
Visaromes (scented oils), cleanser, scrub, brightening collagen mask, capsule of serum and moisturiser.

There should be enough in each package for at least 3 uses (masks only have one use) they all come with their own a step by step guide to follow too.

If you would like to be added to my lift for my next batch let me know, should be ready for delivery Wednesday Next week 🙂