A year today I made the decision to close Karma for the safety of my beautiful girls and our wonderful clients. I remember so clearly saying to the girls ‘it will only be for three weeks max’ I was in tears at the thought of being closed for just 3 weeks, because 3 weeks away for my life and soul was a long time… 3 weeks closure and sure this will all blow over?
Just like that, it’s been a whole year. I’m not going to sit here and say I haven’t thought about closing the doors and walking away because that would be a lie. This last year has been testing to say the least, we have got into debt to pay to keep the salon there, I’ve cried tears until my cheeks were sore, I’ve learnt all about politics and watched the news more than I ever had in my life. But I have also created strength, resilience, and I have also realised I have created a business made of concrete pillars, here to stay for decades!
Can you believe that out of 52 weeks this year we have only been open for just over 19 weeks, and compared to some businesses thats a lot of time open, some doors haven’t had the opportunity to reopen at all, so we are counting ourselves lucky!
I have seen some amazing local businesses adapt to being open during the pandemic and also new businesses open too, I often look around and think what an amazing little island we live on, with so many mini Alan Sugar’s! I admire those people who took opportunity and made the most out of it and also thankful for our wonderful local, loyal community.
I think we have social media to thank too, the power of social media marketing, which is a free tool! We have been so lucky to have Instagram and Facebook through these difficult times, to help advertise and communicate through the pandemic. We have used social media ourselves to share ideas, products and keep a trickle of money coming in too. It’s been lovely to keep in touch with our clients through our posts as well. A like, a share, a save of a post is so so important for a small business like mine – if you haven’t already go give us a follow and write us a review 🙂
I listened to a podcast last week of a very successful entrepreneur and he said ‘any small business that has survived Covid closures and come out the other side still raring to go, will be on your high street for a very long time’ I plan to be on Barfield road until I have babies and my babies grow up to become adults, fingers crossed I have a girly girl who wants to take over Karma one day, I’m here to leave a legacy!
We are so close to being back open and I know when we reopen the salon and boutique will be extremely busy and we cannot wait to see you all!
One last thing, if your name isn’t already on our cancellation list send us a message and I’ll pop you on, bookings will be opening soon