Hair Removal

Love the thought of not having to shave for up to 5 weeks? Waxing might just be your new favourite treatment. Waxing has been around since 60 B.C. It is recorded that they started removing hair via a process called sugaring, it has come a long way since then. At Karma Beauty we use gel-e-creme wax which is one of the UK’s newest wax treatment and is often said to be the least painful.

For most waxing treatments we use a revolutionary wax by Just Wax, Gel–E–Creme hybrid wax. It is enriched with skin conditioning Argan oil and bursting with the scent of oranges. This wax combines the advantage of both a gel and creme for a deliciously smooth wax with a super thin application, providing excellent results.

Eyebrow – £8.00
Top Lip – £5.00
Chin – £7.00
Lip and Chin – £10.00
Nasal – £7.00
Facial – £10.00
Full Facial: Lip, Chin, Face and Eyebrow – £25.00

Underarm – £8.00
Arm – £13.00

Half Leg – £15.00
Full Leg – £20.00

Back Wax – £20.00
Chest Wax – £15.00

Intimate waxing (female only)
At Karma Beauty we offer Bikini waxing, High Bikini, Brazilian and  Hollywood. We use a revolutionary, multi directional wax that makes intimate waxing treatments a breeze. Multiflex encapsulates the hair and will not stick to skin so that it can be removed in almost any direction for ultimate client discretion and comfort with perfect results.

Intimate Female Waxing – £25.00
High Bikini Line – £10.00
Bikini Line – £7.00

Threading is an ancient way to remove hair that sprang from the East, Egypt and India. The technique uses a strand of knotted cotton thread to grab hairs and pull them out – think of it as a very fast, mass production version of tweezing that’s most often used for eyebrows and other facial areas. 

Full Facial: Lip, Chin, Face and Eyebrow – £30.00
Facial – £12.00
Eyebrow – £9.00
Top Lip – £7.00
Chin – £7.00