The coronavirus pandemic and how it links to make-up

You wouldn’t brush your teeth with a dirty toothbrush, so why is it that we are happy to apply make-up to our skin with dirty brushes?

If we’ve learnt anything so far from Covid-19, it is how we all rethink how we look after ourselves. Have you ever stopped to think how much bacteria is hidden away in your make-up brushes?

It is not yet clear how long Covid-19 remains on surfaces such as metal and plastic – two major properties that create your make-up applicators! Studies show that the virus can last on these surfaces from just several hours to several days! When was the last time you cleaned your brushes, and how are you meant to do it?

How to clean your make-up brushes?

If you have a gentle cleanser such as Micellar Water or even your everyday go-to cleanser, a small amount can be added on to the tip of your brush and massaged in. Really work the product in as these cleansers contain oil removing properties to remove stubborn products that might be working as a blockage in trapping unwanted bacteria!

Once the cleanser has been worked in, gently rinse the brush under the tap to remove excess product, keep rinsing until the water runs clear.

A make-up artist from Vogue, has recently suggested that you spray a little hand sanitiser on your brushes after cleaning them, just to kill off any remaining bacteria. I LOVE this and will definitely be trying it on my brushes!

TIP* This cleaning routine doesn’t just apply to brushes, but any make-up applicator. Anything from sponges to eyelash curlers – give it a go!